Monday, 24 November 2008

The Carers' Trade Union

The Carers Trade Union has now been established. If you support the union and are a carer yourself, then please consider joining. Please indicate your support by making a comment on this blog.

Discussion on the union is available on the Carer Watch site.


Clive- UK Carers said...

Absolutely not. A trade union for Carers that states it is working for ALL Carers yet only allows members to a forum to see what they are doing IF they join up?

If you are scared of criticism then you are wasting your time. Kindly don't pretend that some archaic socialist attempt at representing Carers is anything 'productive' OR 'democratic' It's just 'another forum' and another example of fragmenting Carers. Well done. As usual this comment will not be posted because it's to close to the mark.

Dugsie said...

You and the truth are strangers Clive. Most of your comments can't be published because they are abusive. Some of them actually libel other carers. You are an enemy of carers.

Discussion on the Carers' Trade Union is available on Carer Watch, as I have pointed out. Obviously, if you don't support the Carers' Trade Union, then you can't join it.

grovesmedia said...

I will be supporting the CTU.

Apologies for the link, but it does explain the reasons why I'm backing it.


Anonymous said...

I too fully endorse the Carers' Trade Union, Dugsie. I am unable to join at the moment for reasons which I am sure you are aware of but will be supporting it as soon as circumstances change. I look forward to seeing the Union become an organisation which has the respect of carers, the public and politicians alike.

live said...

Clive Arnold supports nothing but himself and his views, anyone else who happens to differ from his stance gets personal attacks.

You also only print half truths Arnold, you lie about the police, you have spread lies about myself and my group and you continue to do so, the cumbrian police who visited you did not apologise to you, they did not visit to mediate about a Internet dispute as you like to call it, and as for you telling the police they dont have permision to visit your house again that is just another one of your fantasies, they visited your house and Ian Sandemans because a) you were the person who was issuing the threats and implementing harrassment tactics and b) Ian Sandeman was a registered keeper of a certain domain.

Your lie about the metropolitan poice is also a fantasy, spreading the lie that my local police were fed up with me is completely untrue as i have spoken to them about this, they would never talk to you about myself, be very careful Arnold about your continued policy of lying, critisise me ok but dont keep on lying otherwise you could be getting more knocks on your door.

You also continue to spread the lies about sending you stuff through the post and Identity theft, the police have confirmed that I have never been now or in the past guilty of such things.

And as for keep on droning out the same old arguments against me as to why I should not be allowed to run a message board or talk on behalf of carers go and grow up,I have as much right to talk and campaign on carer issues as any Individual does, your and your cohorts attempts at bullying me will not win Mr.Arnold, bullies get their come uppance one way or the other.

As for the carers union I support anything done for carers that is positive, The National Carers Forum supports the people trying to get this going, they are trying to achieve something whereas Clive Arnold just wishes to DESTROY all the time.

Best of luck to all those people who are attempting to set this union up, Good Luck and best wishes.

Dugsie said...

Of course, the Carers' Trade Union can only claim to represent its members, but it may seek to advance the interests of all carers.

Anonymous said...

If we acknowledge that carers come from a wide diversity of backgrounds and will have preferences about how they wish to represent themselves and be represented then I think that we also need to acknowledge that there is a genuine need for a diversity of groups, online and offline, to give them an opportunity to make their voices heard and further carers recognition and interests in a way in which they feel reflects these different preferences. The Carers' Trade Union is not fragmenting carers, just as individual carers prefer the ethos of one forum over another when looking for advice, support or social interaction it is, on the contrary, meeting the diverse interests and needs of individual carers.

Clive Arnold has a prodigious capacity to decry any attempt to meet this need and campaign for a better deal for carers whilst defaming those carers who attempt to give their fellow carers a vehicle with which to campaign. I think that we all know what Clive is against, perhaps he will be good enough to tell us what he is for, what he is campaigning for and how he intends to achieve his campaign aims?

Parsifal said...

Over a month and no reply from Clive Arnold or was there a reply which could not be printed, Dugsie?

So what is he campaigning for or should that be what is he campaigning against?

Looking at his message board he is campaigning not on behalf of carers but against carers because by publishing on his site false allegations against carers who try to raise the voice of carers above other competing voices, whether by organising a protest or setting up a carers trade union or the many other means used by individual and groups of carers, he is attempting to deny all carers the opportunity to have a campaigning voice.

The way in which Mr Arnold takes his campaign of lies and defamation outside the carer community and into the public realm merely reinforces the view that he is campaigning against, not for, furthering the interests of carers. As you so accurately and succinctly put it Dugsie, Clive Arnold is indeed the enemy of carers.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Parsifal, he is a menace to the online carer community,his forum is all about slagging of every forum on the net, getting way far to personal about people which I find disturbing.