Thursday, 25 September 2008

A registration system for carers ?

I believe that it is the informality of the family carer system which allows carers to be taken advantage of. If you are just looking after a close family member, no matter how much work is involved, then you are at best a deserving charity case, worthy of a small allowance, but still available for 'real' work. Hence the move to put carers on Job Seekers' Allowance.

Carers need to press for the establishment of a National Government Carers' Register. In the meantime, we should establish our own carers' register. Carers should be encouraged to submit an invoice to the government for the work they have done at the end of each month, deducting the allowances they have already received.

This would draw attention to the reality of carers' lives.


Parsifal said...

The problem I envisage with a government carer register is that it would be reliant on a professional to confirm eligibility to appear on the register with possible entitlements, whether financial or to services, contingent on being registered. Experience of trying to access services suggests that this would provide a disincentive to professionals to acknowledge the caring role.

Dugsie said...

My concern is that it is the informality of the caring role which facilitates the exploitation of carers. As long as carers are regarded as merely family members who are helping out, they will not be seen as meriting anything more than a government handout. We are charity case, to be praised by politicians for surrendering our human rights for a pat on the head.

Dugsie said...

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